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Glad you were able to get them to someone who'll enjoy the Carroll Shelby birthday event. I wish I could've taken them from you but I cannot justify a trip to Lost Wages at this time. The closest I get to gambling is getting outta bed everyday. Plus that city never really has appealled to me much (and I grew up and still live in SoCal), guess I've always felt I could put the money I'd end up leaving there to better use like my CS! Even if I had money to burn it wouldn't be left in that city, it'd be better spent on things like getting another '68 Fastback like I had 22 yrs ago and maybe another CS or two, an HCS and/or a '68 GT500KR. Oh, and a garage big enough for all that and a workshop too!

I bet it is going to be a great event especially if it is indeed the last one Mr. Shelby w/b attending. I hope Doug or JBart's friend got them and report back to us w/how the bash was.

Thanks for offering these up to us Amy! Now, where'd I leave my pipe? I gots me some more dreams to stuff in it!
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