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New development.

I measured the #1 exhaust port as best I could and found that the centerline of the bolt holes seem to more or less line up with the center of the port so the holes are still wrong in the manifold but they are not as wrong as I first though. In fact, I think I can resolve the problem by just going gasketless as Scott mentioned.

What I also found by measuring the port is that the openings on the manifold are 1 1/2" tall but the matching ports on the head are only 1 1/8" tall (HiPos must have had ported heads?) and the entire difference (3/8") is in the top of the openings. So instead of enlarging the opening by extra 3/16" on both the top and the bottom they took it all out of the top, and that may work for a HiPo but it doesn't work for a stock '66 head. The bottoms of the openings line up fairly well, but the tops are way off and using a gasket creates a common mating surface of less than 1/8" at the top. Instant exhaust leak.

Hopefully some copper RTV on both surfaces will be enough to make a good seal, but before I do anything the manifold is going to a machine shop to make sure it's perfectly flat. For some reason I have a hunch it probably isn't.

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