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And there are even more problems with the reproduction HiPo exhaust manifolds!

I decided today was a good day to find and fix the passenger-side exhaust leak that recently cropped up in my new exhaust system. What I found is upsetting to say the least (especially in light of the recent lower control arm issue).

It looks like the bolt holes where the exhaust manifold bolts onto the head are drilled in the wrong place!!!! The holes should be just above the centerline of the port but on the passenger manifold they are drilled just below the centerline.

I went on-line to see if I some Mustang resoration god has placed a curse on me or if others have experienced the same problem and looky what I found!

If MU doesn't replace the manifold I guess my only options are to weld up the holes and redrill them, or spend $500 on a set of OEM Hipo manifolds.
Another option would be to leave the holes alone, grind out the excess material on the ports, and install the manifold without a gasket, increasing the mating surface between the head and the manifold around the port.
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