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Re:GT/CS ebay price history

It is a good gauge for looking at current prices being asked and gotten for the GT/CS. However, if you look at the add for this particular car he considers his to be in better condition than those already offered or as it states in the add "Overall this classic is in outstanding condition". How do you classify a car to be in outstanding condition with the items he has stated that need to be either replaced or fix'd. Headliner has a tear in it, radio dosen't work, drivers side windows don't work, rear bumper needs replaced, dash clock doesn't work, turn signals don't work and he has never checked the A/C to verify that it in fact only needs a charge. His estimate to replace these items or repair would be no more than $500 not including radio.

If there is a problem with the A/C other than needing just a charge you could spend that much or more just in that area alone. The majority of previous offered GT/CS cars that I saw at least the windows and turn signals worked. And the fog lamps were mounted correctly.
That's just my take on this particular add.

Don ???
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