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302 Engine - Later Casting

Hey guys and gals, I started stripping down the engine and transmission intended for my GT/CS and discovered that the block has a 1978 casting.

The 4V intake is from a 1967 289-4V, the distributor from a 1970 302-2V, and the whole engine/C4 transmission assembly was pulled from a 1968 Mercury Cougar. It was tested and the compression in each cylinder was fine.

It was a running engine when I bought it a year and a half ago. Now I am wondering what cam it may have.
Anyone know of a way to identify a cam that is in an engine? Really don't want to pull the cam, nor do I want to rebuild this engine at this time.

My plans were to install the correct C8ZE intake manifold, change the freeze plugs, gaskets, water pump, fuel pump, etc, and paint / detail the engine and transmission.

My car is a J code 302-4V. I really don't want to rebuild this engine.

Not sure how to proceed, what say you guys?

Scott Behncke
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