Thread: For Sale 1968 GT/CS on E bay
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I guess none of the issues alone really matter but taken as a whole they are indicitive of a less than stellar "MINT" restoration.

The grill is a huge red flag for me because it was changed for a reason. Could that reason have been a wreck? If it was wrecked and the grill was damaged what else was damaged and improerly or incorrectly repaired?
Or maybe the grill is original to the car. That would be a huge problem because that means the car would not be a GT/CS.

The first thing I'd want to see with regard to front end damage are the holes in the hood for the twist locks. Then I'd give the radiator support a tug to see if it's original. Are the fog light supports in place or are they missing?

The car needs to be inspected top to bottom, inside and out.

I just noticed another error - the seal on top of the radiator support was not originally on this car. It was added.

The lack of a Marti is another red flag. Never puchase a GT/CS without a Marti.

Edit to Add:
There is some strange stuff going on here. Take a look at how the hood/cowl seal is installed.
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