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Originally Posted by franklinair View Post
The discrepancies I noticed seem relatively minor & easy fixes. IMHO the seller's BIN figure is about double what I would even consider- provided that the body, frame, cowls, torque boxes checked out OK. A 'C' code with GT hubcaps (regardless of color) is wrong. Passenger side of dash has woodgrain panel, driver's side is standard. Blue interior should have blue door panels. The drip rail molding is an easy add on. The pony & corral come off with just a few nuts.The car has obviously been cobbled, so a good hard look would be in order.

Neil, the '68 grille cannot be used unless the mounting tabs are ground off and painted.
The GT/CS grille was modified from a '67. It's still a fairly inexpensive fix. Around $100 for a new grille, $80 or so for the fog light brackets from Delta Bay, and $20 for primer and paint.

Another minor thing is that the power steering pump is the wrong color.

I didn't mean to imply that the car was no good with my earlier comment, just that anyone who puts "MINT" and "No expense spared" in the title had better be able to back it up.

The car is certainly worth looking at, especially since he says he'll consider reasonable offers.
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