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Another Update on Book via SAAC Site Forum


From Paul Newitt

"First my apologies for the delay in posting an update. You'd think that a computer would live past 11 years (!!), but my trusty Mac G3 croaked on April 26th (ironically just when I was working on the '68 Shelby history page--go figure). Both hard drives were sounding like toy chainsaws, so it was time to transfer the data (although I already had three backups of the book and related materials).

Since a replacement computer had to be compliant with Pagemaker 6.5, I bought a G4, and had to backdate the OS from 10.5 to 9.2.1. Not an easy thing to do, and from the hassle of the past two weeks, when the book is done, I'm bailing from my 22 yrs. with Mac to a PC and Windows 7.

During this downtime, I hand wrote what I needed for the book, and did other things, like screen shots of the commercials, and photos of the blueprints. A good analogy of the book's status would be like building a home and the sheetrock is up, and it just needs painting and trim and fixtures.

I have made it a final goal to finish this monster by the end of May, and get it to Ford for a review then the printer immediately after that. I want books in my hands in 6-8 weeks from now. It's looking great!

A couple of news bits: The California Special script lapel pins (about an inch wide) I ordered for customers that made book orders (as a thanks) are on their way. They will be sent out ASAP when I get them (they will be offered for sale to everyone else). Next is the mention of new Marchal 656 Fog lights by National Parts Depot--in the latest issue of Mustang Monthly. Somehow, they goofed and mentioned that the switch to Lucas was on June 26--it's actually April 26th. Lastly, a headcount of the number of cars in my registry is closer to 1200, not the 900 I thought I had. A big thanks to Bob Teets of the HCS Registry for his meticulous search for more GT/CS (and HCS) on the net, and to Jon Hanna for his contributions. I'm beginning to think that there are actually 2500 GT/CSs left out there, not the 1500 I'd previously thought. Cars in the registry will be listed by (last known) owner's name, VIN, data plate info, if I have a copy of the Marti report (or not), and a footnote--if there is more notable info on the car. Photos of most cars will be included on the pages, for the first time in color.

It's back to the book. On the final stretch. More to follow soon...
A sincere thanks to all of you who have supported me and this difficult book project.
A special thanks to those at SAAC who have helped with research ideas and advice.

--Paul M. Newitt

P.S. Next up are the details for GT/CS owners to attend SAAC 35. We are lining up a "GT/CS World Headquarters" visitation trailer at the convention. Parts, Books, advice and other neat stuff."

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