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Welcome!!! I am in the Seattle area if you are close by. Market is coming back, but a bit soft from where it was 5 years ago. As all have said, some good pictures, the VIN number, and if the data plate on the diver door, near the latch mechanism is still there, that info to. Just open the door and look at the backside of the and look around the door handle and down the side that latches to the car. Held on by two rivets.

Rust can be a killer, but it is amazing the amount of "less than observant" buyers will miss even obvious rust issues. That is where I always have trouble helping people. I will not miss this stuff and it subtracts from "my" value of the car. But who is to say that someone else will totally miss it. So sometimes I give two values. What it is worth to a knowledgeable buyer, but a high limit based on the wow factor.

The seller needs to decide how much he or she wants to sell and whether they want to reveal any problems it may have. I choose to be honest and conservative when I sell. So when I sell they are very good deals and all flaws are revealed. But everyone is different and has different needs for their dollars.

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