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Originally Posted by J_Speegle View Post
Will not argue if the Shelby owners care or do not about having the Specials at the show. We will not know till it happens and is over.

About having an event for the cars you might want to consider choosing a site every year or every other year and tie it to another larger show (different one depending on the year)

The Boss guys have been successful at doing this. Normally the larger group running the show like the added feature of the car, will provide a meeting room and other support for the group. The general idea is that the larger group does all the hard work (parking, organization, .......) and you get a bonus

They have used Mid-America, Carisle, and other big shows. Just a thought
I agree with you Jeff.
We have tried that with Carlisle and Knotts, etc
The problem is we're so spread out across the country (countries I should say) and so few in number it seems difficult to get more than a handful at one place.

We've been doing Carlisle the last 3 years - first year we had 20+ cars between early and late models - last year we had only 2 68's on the showfield and 2 in the invitation building and a decent turnout of late models on the showfield.

Hoping for a decent number this year - we have at least 3 68's that I know of so far but I don't think we'll hit 10 68's.

Too bad we aren't more concentrated - this is a great group of owners that I think would embrace the concept!
The logistics are the problem.

I think out on west coast it could be very successful using this concept since there is a greater concentration out that way.

I'm all for it if we could pull it off.


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