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Originally Posted by robert campbell View Post
Tim's gathering at Grass Valley was ultra perfect. He had the room for lots of visitors and we roamed around and felt the love! And he had tools to play with the cars!! You have to see Steve wick get into it!! Diving under dashes looking for that elusive bad connection!

Rob's just trying to protect my reputation, but I've been going to therapy for 6 months now and can finally tell the truth. There I was, not bothering anybody, just minding my own business, when suddenly this big fire flared up on the patio. I threw my Pina Colada on it to put it out, but that just seemed to make it worse. In fear for my life, I ran for cover, screaming like a little girl. Brother Rob found me about an hour later cowering under the dash of Rene's car, shaking uncontrollably. He was able to coax me out by telling me the Grass Valley Volunteer Fire Dept showed up in a vintage LaFrance fire truck and beat down the flames. He came up with some macho story to cover my shame, but it's ok, I'm comfortable with the truth now.


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