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Originally Posted by robert campbell View Post
It is my hope that we can organize and annual event for GT/CS and HCS cars. I am voting for Denver in 2011. The home of the HCS! Then we will migrate East!!

Hey, Rob, RIGHT ON!!!! DENVER 2011, Father's day weekend for the Rocky Mountain Roundup in the mountain town of Steamboat Springs (140 miles or so west of Denver) where we have a separate class each year for the CAL. and HIGH COUNTRY SPECIALS plus another 400 or so Mustangs and other Ford powered cars ie. my '47 Ford (in the autocross), Mercurys, Cobras, a few Ford powered rods and customs, a few Focas's perhaps and ever see a Pilon? In reality, Rob, Denver was the district or division(DSO 51), so our High Country Mustangs were sold by Wyoming, So Dakota, and Nebraska dealers, also, as well as our Colorado and Denver proper dealers. SO, LET'S DO IT, 2011. Hicountry Bob here.

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