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Originally Posted by robert campbell View Post
One day I will make this event. Mustangs and Ford's always has a write up on it. I would want deep pockets to wander around the swap area! It is always packed with the rarest of the rarest in Ford performance parts.

I envy you living so close to what I think is one of the premiere Ford events of the year!

I envy all of you out on the West Coast and your proximity to the great car scene out there!

I wish I was even closer to Carlisle, would like to try and get out there for some of the non-Ford events as well as Spring and Ford Carlisle.

I haven't figured out how to see everything yet in the 3 days I'm usually there. We did lose some time last year due to rain on Friday though.

One of these days we'll have to both make the trek east and west.


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