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It is interesting how things are what they are, to a die hard purist it (clone) isn't real, yet it's right there in front of you tangible and with most of the right parts it's no different than the original physically. You can touch it, it is real, it is what it is and to some it will be beautiful and to others it will be a sin and yet to others they won't even know what it's meant to be, they just see it and either like it or don't.

To me the sin is when someone tries to make $$ by misrepresenting it's history as something it didn't start out as, to someone that is looking for true originality. But in reality, if it's done right it's really the same thing without a piece of paper saying so. I guess it's a mix of perception and interpretation and knowing what you want and what you get. Some will care and some won't that's why it is what it is...physically. I know... that made no sense at all.

The interesting thing to me is before the WWW existed there wasn't enough exposure for most people to even know that a GT/CS existed and now there is enough information if people are really trying to find something and they know what they are looking for they can find it and they can pin down if it is real or not because of this great group helping out.

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