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Re:WHEELS, Chrome Styled Steel

I would have to agree with you, I have heard of others that have some things that according to a Ford Mustang Option list should not be factory. I also know Ford was not the only cars that came this way. I have a friend in Seattle that owns 1 of 6 1969 Firebird Trans AM Ram Air IV 400 convertibles and according to the option listing it stated these options can not be combined. It only took a call to Pontiac back in 69 to get it and I am sure that if there was a "knowledgable, gung-ho" sales dealer, I bet they could get any option they wanted. According to the Mach 1 site, there is a Mach 1 that had the stripes deleted because the owner wanted it that way, but it was suppose to be impossible to do that.

I know Paul has stated this before, but I don't think nothing is ever written in stone.

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