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Re:WHEELS, Chrome Styled Steel

The Styled Steel Wheels with Argent paint and GT Center Cap were available only with the GT package. It is my understanding that these wheels were not available with non GT center cap for any other package. I have seen were many owners over the years have actually put the Styled Steel Wheels with Argent paint on there cars with the plain center cap. You are correct that the car could have come with the Chrome version of the Styled Steel Wheel from the dealer. Since your 999 report shows the Deluxe Wheel Covers I would venture to say that is what it came with from the dealer. It is very possible that the wheels on your car were replaced by a previous owner or as you mentioned the dealer before the lady who obtained the car in 72. Don't know how you feel about wheel covers but, I myself would prefer either the Chrome Styled Steel Wheel or the Argent version to the deluxe wheel covers.

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