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Re:WHEELS, Chrome Styled Steel

Don't know about anybody else but, my options section on both my Marti Reports does not show Chrome Styled Steel Wheels. Both cars came with the Styled Steel Wheels (Argent paint & stainless steel trim rings)because it was part of the GT Package. The Chrome Styled Steel Wheels (with stainless steel center cap with Red GT letters) were added by the dealer prior to sale. Regardless of which wheels you had, the center cap was alwyas stainless steel not chrome. As hicountrybob mentioned the cost was $77.73 but, I don't know about them being ordered from the factory. Everything I have read even in my GT 390 World Registery say's the Chrome Styled Steel Wheels were a dealer option that was added by the dealer and not at the factory. Even the original window sticker I have on my GT show's the Chrome Styled Steel Wheels were an added option by the dealer and not the factory. Makes for interesting conversation. I have actually heard both versions of getting the Chrome Wheels. Even the non GT cars could have the Chrome Styled Steel Wheels without the GT Center cap added by the dealer. As far as I know they are not listed on the Marti Repot. This is another reason why I would question them being ordered from the factory. Yes, they do show up on the dealer window sticker but, not the Marti Report. Could this be another bad case of record keeping by Ford?

Don ???
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