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Cory's Book

I just listed this 68 HCS on E-Bay, we will see what happens. Cory, I mentioned your book in the add and put in the link to the Blurb websight. I hope you don't mind. Maybe you will get a few more hits on your book.

We shall see if this car sells on E-Bay, If not it will be loaded into a cargo contained and left for a future project. I did receive a couple of offers but found them too low for what this car is.

My question is, do we really know the true value of these cars? NADA shows this car valued just below a California Special. But with fewer than 251 still in existance they have no way of getting a true resale value. (IMO). I beleive there are around 100+ cars, HCS, listed in the registery. With a number of about 25 total 4 speed cars (guess), fewer than that probably exist.

Any thoughts on this,????????????? this would help me greatly.

K. Hedstrom

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