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The saga continues.....
If you follow this link;http://services.forddirect.fordvehic...ht82h785107084
you may notice that this car was never a CS to begin with. If the dealer added the package, possibly they bought the front & rear bumpers(available as Ford accessories) and side scoops, painted them and installed them, that could account for the higher price tag! I would love to know if this car has ANY of the GT/CS features
Shelby GT/GT-H style front/rear bumpers and side scoops
two-tone upholstery (front and rear)
bright-rolled exhaust tips, 275"
18-inch"funnel-spoke" polished wheels
SVT-style stainless pedal covers

If Phil Long added ALL of these parts to the car, then they sold this car at a LOSS! I suspect that this may not be a new car. If you suspect the same, go to thes ervice department, and ask them to perform an OASIS report, from your VIN. This report will provide you with a build date, warranty start date, major warrnaty repairs/recalls, and originating dealer, and the original owner's name! I hope this will shed some light here.

Pat Chambers (5280gtcs)
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