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Thanks for all the feedback to date. I've been attemting to post the "dealer sticker" and hope that this scan works for you all.

Hicountrybob = if your Denver friend can track down from the VIN#, here it is: 1ZVHT82H785107084.

Once I brought her home and started searching the net for any info on recent High Country editions, years 2007 and later, and found nothing, I quickly figured out that it must be a dealer action and not a production run by Ford. The factory sticker is one for a new GT Premium, with a few additional features, but no mention of the High Country add on's. Once I started my search, I would have to hazard a guess that they took a stock GT and added the California Special options, with stripping to note the difference between Colorado and California

I would agree with all of you that it is an interesting find and for no other reason that it can start a conversation with anyone who appreciates a fine automobile.

I'm hoping that the roads clear enough to get her washed and shined up a bit for her pictures. I don't want to post any that would reflect poorly on my part, i.e. a little road dirt and in my garage. I made the mistake of taking her on a spin this weekend and while the major roads are clear, the road to my house is snow and ice packed. I quickly found out that she has NO traction on this stuff. I'm not going any where, nor is she, so the pictures will be posted asap.

Again, thanks for the welcome and input.
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