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Jon - Thanks for the welcome. I have to imagine that this is more than just a bored salesman looking to enhance a sale. I have the dealer's sticker that shows under "added equipment - High County Special" with an additional cost of $6,995. That's an awful lot of decals. You are correct in that it is the Phil Long Ford dealership. As soon as the weather clears enough to take her on the road, I'll snap some photos and post them. I suppose my first trip should be to Phil Long Ford to see if anyone there can help out. Additional features that I can identify would be the obvious stripping and decals which state "Special HC", located aft of the doors. Side scoops have been added, as well as a cool looking chin. The rear may also have replaced but I'm not that familiar with stock rears. A duck spoiler instead of stock spoiler. Definately not stock wheels and tires. I know pictures will help tremendously and as soon as possible, I'll take 'em. She's a looker and a head turner. Maybe it's my ego, but when people point and stare, it's really cool. It supports my philosophy "Life is too short to drive boring cars". I look forward to participating on this site. Again, thanks for any help you can provide.
You state that you have the "dealer sticker". Do you have the "factory sticker" or commonly called the " factory window sticker"? And why don't you post the VIN # and I can have it checked out by a source here in Denver. I called this source last night and he asked for this, if you are REALLY interested in any original background and/or what you may have bought. I'm surprised that he hasn't posted yet today (3:00 now in Denver). Bob Teets here
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