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This appears to be a great car and I love the color combination. I cannot believe no one has stepped forward yet on it. I too live in NC and the shipping is a killer these days. If I didn't have so many cars myself, I would definitely be interested. Good luck on the sell!

This is my 2nd GT/CS and I've been on this board for over 6 years (new username). This car is one of the cleanest, most original, rust free cars I've seen/owned. I'm shocked I still have it, but it's okay & it will continue to sit in the garage.
I didn't know anything about its prior history, but I do have the CA title in hand and there are no issues with the car. I did not buy it from eBay, but from someone local from Craigslist.

I'd bet shipping would be around $1,000 these days (to NCish), which still makes it a very reasonably priced car.

Took it for a spin last week and it's a fun car.
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