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My priorities have altered a bit for this winter. I retire March 2 of next year, but hope to go to work for a couple years to better set Val and I for retirement. One part of that is a garage for Rob!! Had thought about moving as my lot is not great for this, but I think I can make it fit. My dream garage is a bit more modest than Jay Leno’s for sure.

It will be 24 feet wide and 30 feet deep. Two stalls and 14 foot walls. Yes, Rob wants a car lift. 4 post “bend-pak” with all the accessories. Fully insulated and sheet rocked. Not sure on the heat source yet. Two 9 foot wide by 8 foot high insulated doors. Gives a good solid 10 feet in front of both stalls for a work bench, tools and other stuff. Want to build a loft over the forward work area for storage of, well,.......stuff.

This will give us storage for 5 cars with our attached garage and finally Val will not have to breath every poof can or car I start up. My current shop is under our living area. Amy got to see it. Can fit two cars, but then it is way to crowded for tools and stuff.

I plan to convert my old shop into a huge hobby room for my patient and lovely wife!! We both get what we want!

So if anyone of you have suggestions on things you have learned over the years, please share them with me! One thing I have learned is to position the lighting to work when a hood is open and of course a whole bunch over the work bench for my old eyes.

Please help me build my garage!

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