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Coolant spray after 2300 miles

Having done 2300 miles over the last five days, much of the last 400miles at over 3000RPM in top, at the final fuel stop there was a spray of coolant on the RHS shock tower!

Nothing in front of there at all, no leaks on hoses, welch plugs look ok, thermostat cover ok, overflow hose from the radiator dry and still dusty inside. The radiator level was down about 800cc (under a quart).

On pressure test today a heater hose leaked near firewall but other than that nothing! Anyone ever heard of similar? Higher than usual temp probably related. Could it be a leak at the timing case?

How i came to do the 2300 miles...

Took a road trip on the weekend from home in Sydney, New South Wales (Australia) to Adelaide, South Australia in the freshly fixed special via as many backroads as were efficient for a wedding. Arrived in the hills of Adelaide making great time on Friday afternoon for the wedding on Saturday. On arrival I got a detail at the local car wash and they waxed it to perfection!

Met up with the groom for a 'quiet' beer with a few mates on the night before wedding. It was the first time he's seen the special and he took one look, his jaw dropped and asked if he could use it for some photos and leaving the ceremony, I replied, "No worries" and tossed him the keys. He later confessed he couldn't sleep that night but wasn't sure if it was marriage or driving a mustang!

I'll try to get some shots from the photographer uploaded when they get back from their honeymoon.

The trip was great and the car hoots along the wide, straight roads of central australia in air conditioned comfort and no overheating with the 4 barrel, 302, C4 auto, open diff and 2.79 rear. Added to that, it was the Aussies schooling the West Indies in cricket on the radio - the perfect weekend!
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