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Re:Could the "VIN TAG" have been switched?

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I saw this car personally and it is no GT/CS. I live in OKC and attended the Tulsa Kruse Collector Car Auction in June and saw this car. I looked for the owner, but I had no luck. It was a nice looking coupe, but like it was previously mention, has "red flags" all over the place.

Mr. Shelby Guy;
Thanks for your input and comments. Goes to prove my point. This is not a photo shop job on the document, it's a switch in "VIN" tags simply put. Kevin Marti produces a Marti Report based on the VIN you send in to them. It's an authentic Marti Report but, not on this particular car. The person who is selling this car may well think it's a true GT/CS based on their purchase of the car from someone else who may have switched VIN tags. A true case of not doing your homework before purchase. As has been stated many times before on the site - buyer be ware!!

Don ::) ::)


I finally got a reply to my emails from who was not the posted seller on ebay. I will post their reply and you can make what you will from it. I have my own opinion about their replys but, we all know how options are. I not only got a reply but, got several replys so I will post them all for all to see. First Reply:
Hello, we have been out of town, gone to Indiana, and just returned. We are a used car dealer and have been for many years. we have a 36 year old Mustang for sale that looks very nice and runs good. no apologies. it sounds like your are looking for a $20,000 car and are probably not a buyer for this car. the Marti report shows it came from the factory as a documented California Special. It was originally gold and can be repainted back to that color if that is your preference, for about $1500. I personally like red and they sell much better. the letters can be taken off the hood and the holes repaired and painted for less than $100. We have a numbers matching 289 engine that can be installed in one day and would probably cost about $1,000 extra. this car can be changed to suit you for a lot less than you would think. I can get a set of factory wheels for about $500, if that is your preference. We do not feel that we are mis-representing the car. we have tried to give an accurate description and show pictures of what we are selling . Thanks, Jim Lewis

Second Reply:
Hello, I know this is your second e mail and we just returned from out of town. if you have any other questions that are not answered, we will try to get them for you. the car was repainted when we purchased it. the body panels look very straight and the underneath of the car looks good. we have no history on the car and will try to get you the previous owners name on request. let us know. thanks, Jim Lewis 580-234-7922

And low and behold I received a third reply:
Hello Don, Buyers do buy these cars that are not up to your factory specifications. we recently sold item 4500 477 875 to a buyer for $14,750 that was listed similar to this car , factory 289, 3 speed, black seat ( Marti Report ) that had been changed to a 302, automatic and no grille lights or other GT markings. Like I replied, you did not appear to be a buyer anyway and the car is still for sale and apparently you have a very nice and that is good. thanks, for your interest. Is your car for sale and at what price ? Jim Lewis

The only thing I can assume from their replys is that they are out to make as much money as they can. Doesn't matter how much history they know on the car or weather the car is original/ligidimate or not. They are very willing to change what ever is necessary to make a buyer happy to sell the car. They are only worried about their bottom line. Guess since I took the time to post their replys to me I should also post my reply to them.
This was my reply to markeeauto:
Your right, they are not up to "factory specifications", it is a clone. It is unfortunate that you are able to rip off the public the way you do. It is quite clear to me that you have no morales/scruples in the way you conduct your business. To me you are a vulture on society. I need say no more.

Thank you for your reply.


I hope those of you on this site take no offense to what I have posted here. I just think it's very important that folks see and understand how other's out there conduct their business. Again, I cannot stress how important it is that we all do our homework and always keep in mind the all important verbage of "Buyer BEWARE".

Don Potter - Proud owner authentic 1968 GT/CS
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