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I'm with ya, always been a Ford guy and the past few years it seems that Ford is moving ahead of the domestic competition and taking the high road as they progress. They could certainly advertise the fact that they are bail out free but they stay focused on their products rather than rub dirt.

On a side note we had a friend move back from Louisiana and we invited her and her family over and held a birthday party for her son. She had contacted her adoptive parents (x-inlaws) before she moved back and they insisted that she get a new car before she moved back as they did not think her old one would make it. She said they told her exclusively not to buy a Ford as they were having all kinds of problems with them falling apart??? When they all showed up for the birthday party I had all 5 of my Fords out of the garage just waiting for them to make a comment. No comments were made and I bit my tongue from starting the conversation. They all drove GM products.

Oh well.

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