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Re:Could the "VIN TAG" have been switched?

Well I tried to stay out of this one, but..............

Is that really Lime Gold overspray? Do I see some of that same color on the rocker molding? Also, the front seat upholstery is wrong or different year seats altogether. And it says it has a new headliner, installed by who? Look at the first pic of the 6 additional. Also, Marti report doesn't say anything about power disc brakes.

When I go to car shows I don't point out what's wrong or incorrect with peoples cars unless asked. So I was biting my lip on this one.

Now, I need to teach my 7 year old son to keep quiet when he sees something wrong though. He's been around Mustangs all his life and knows quite a bit about what's correct for each year. He tends to point out these to me in front of the car's owner. :o

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