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Re:Could the "VIN TAG" have been switched?

[quote author=Mr. Shelby Guy link=board=1;threadid=1218;start=0#msg6819 date=1101858928]
I saw this car personally and it is no GT/CS. I live in OKC and attended the Tulsa Kruse Collector Car Auction in June and saw this car. I looked for the owner, but I had no luck. It was a nice looking coupe, but like it was previously mention, has "red flags" all over the place.

Mr. Shelby Guy;
Thanks for your input and comments. Goes to prove my point. This is not a photo shop job on the document, it's a switch in "VIN" tags simply put. Kevin Marti produces a Marti Report based on the VIN you send in to them. It's an authentic Marti Report but, not on this particular car. The person who is selling this car may well think it's a true GT/CS based on their purchase of the car from someone else who may have switched VIN tags. A true case of not doing your homework before purchase. As has been stated many times before on the site - buyer be ware!!

Don ::) ::)
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