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Re:Could the "VIN TAG" have been switched?

OK, let's say we change the color and the interior. Look at the obvious items on the exterior of the car (FORD lettering on the hood) wasn't that discontinued prior to the 68 model year? Running horse emblem on front fenders (no mustang script lettering), no script lettering on the trunk either. Fog lights look a little strange, as does the die cut on the GT/CS emblems on the side scoops, along with the fact the car is a "C" code engine but, now has a 302 in it. Granted, all these things could be changed but, I would think if your restoring this type of car you would at least put the correct emblems back on it. Changing the VIN Tag is not impossible, I've seen it done before. Simply removing the VIN Tag from the passenger side window and putting it onto another vehicle. Run a Marti Report with the new VIN and walla, you now have a GT/CS. That's just my thought on the subject.

Don ::)
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