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Replace A/C / heater box or fan for greater airflow?


I've got factory A/C in my CS (integrated, thru-the-dash, not underdash), with a newer Sanden compressor and R134a. Seems to work OK, but not great in 113 degree Arizona heat. I'd like to drive my CS more in the summer, but it gets unbearable pretty quick.

I've had the refrigerant levels, etc. checked and all seems well. One thing I noticed is that the air flow from the dash and lower left/right vents isn't very strong, even on the highest fan setting.

Here's my thought/question - has anyone looked into replacing the A/C / heater box/fan assembly with a more-efficient assembly from Old Air or Classic Air or Vintage Air to improve cooling and airflow? I assume a newer, better-engineered unit ('power pack' according to Old Air's website) would cool and flow better, but I'd like some anecdotal experience first before calling 'em.

If anyone has done the complete install of one of these aftermarket systems, and has an opinion on whether the airflow/cooling is any better than a factory A/C install, that'd be helpful, too.


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