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Listen everyone

Thank you for the info... Frank and Rob should get together, and Frank hopefully someday you will make it up here. I knew if I was specific about my problem you are the people to talk to.

The motor was rebuilt 18 years ago in Arizona and in that time there has only been 6,600 miles put on the car. It has spent most of the 18 years in previous owners garages up here and only being used on Sunday drives by the past owners. I have talked to them.

When I purchased the car two years ago, I admit, I expected this to happen sooner or later. Not to jinx meself, I expected rear main seal to go first.

The new gaskets I have just purchased are cork for the oil pan and valve cover gaskets. Is this okay? Should I just do the timing gasket too?

I really only want to do this once. I am going into hospital soon and I will be unable to drive her for awhile.

Thank you

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