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If you have to drop the pan: (Be aware there are seals at the front AND back of the pan also (crankshaft seals)
1.) Jack the front up, and use jackstands to support the car
2.) Drain the oil (might as well change the oil filter while you're there!)
3.) Remove the crossmember below the engine (2 bolts, 1 on each side)
4.) Remove all the pan bolts (IIRC, the ones into the timing gear cover are a different size)
5.) Remove the oil pan. (It'll probably be stuck due to sealer previously installed for the gasket. Gently pry it away from the engine block, and then lower it to the ground.) You'll probably have to lower the front of the pan, then come forward with it in order for the rear of the pan to clear the steering linkage.
6.) Thoroughly clean & remove the old gasket material, and remove the front & rear crankshaft seals. (They're usually a neoprene material, whereas the pan gasket is usually cork) I usually wipe the surface with lacquer thinner to be sure its dry. This is also a good time to repaint the pan to freshen it up. Use the correct Ford Blue!! I also paint the panbolts a stainless steel color @ this time.
7.) Apply new sealant to the pan sealing surfaces. Be generous- it's easy to wipe clean if too much is applied. This also includes the half-round areas where the front & rear crankshaft seals go.
8.) Flip it over on a nice flat surface, and let it sit overnight
9.) Prior to putting the pan back on the engine, apply a thin skimcoat of sealant to the gasket surface.
10.) CAREFULLY put the pan in place, being careful of the front & rear seals. Install the pan bolts, and be careful not to over torque the bolts into the timing gear cover- it's aluminum & easy to stip out. (Ask me how I know!)
11.) Add oil, re-install the engine crossmember, set'er back down on the floor, and check for leaks.

Fly me up there, and I'll do it !!

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