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Originally Posted by GTCSMustang View Post
From the SAAC site.

Well, no, the book isn't THAT far along, ......

.......What I want to do is get ALL the best information down in this book once and for all, and then move in on other things (like 2010/2011 Mustangs). I'm getting close, but it's been very tedious work. I feel that the readers of my work deserve the best research possible. .........

As for your getting proper GT/CS authentication, you can go to the "recognition" pages over at Since my self-proclaimed exile from that site (long story), I haven't been there or seen it at all for many weeks. ALL the history and authentication info is mine, on loan to that site........

Paul N.
...Lovely! So how much did he pay all of you folks who GAVE him all that info (not to mention photos, data, blueprints, CDs DVDs, stories, Marti's, a whole lot of cash??? Yeah Paul... "Long story" indeed!... All four cotton- picking years that I've been here!

Now that we've read the equivalent of three books about you, maybe it's time to quit writing about "Paul" and start writing about "cars"....

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