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I pretty much have everything for the car. The interior needs to be redone, but it is all there. I should mention that it is a factory heater delete car since it was originally sold in Hawaii. You received a $35 rebate if you ordered the car without the heater. The engine needs to be put together and has been bored 30 over. The transmission will need a tune up because it has 96,000 miles on it and has been sitting for several years. I have N.O.S. Marchal fog lights for the car since the Hawaii cars didn't receive the recall notice on the fog lights. I have collected a lot of N.O.S. items for the car including the am radio. The bumpers need to be re-chromed. I have new upper A arms and new lower control arms. The power steering pump will need to be rebuilt. The power brake booster has been rebuilt. All of the fiberglass is in good shape. The deluxe steering wheel needs to be restored. Since the car was in pieces when I bought it you will need to buy the misc. bolt kits for the different sections of the car.

I figured that it would take less than $10,000 to complete the car depending on how much you can do yourself.

I live in Orangevale which is 20 miles east of Sacramento.

Thanks to everyone for you kind words.



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