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Names Signed Up For Cory's Book

Below is a list of names of those that have signed up to be in the book, 26 names. If your name is not on the list and you want in the book please follow the instructions in the sticky titled "Me In Book" or email me and I'll help you get set up. I have checked my virus/spam folder continually to insure it hasn't weeded anyone out but I want to make sure you can verify right here if you are included, if that is your intent. If you think you have signed up please read the list below and if your name is not included go sign up. If you don't want to be included, you can hit back on your web browser and cruise along elsewhere in the site. No idea why anyone wouldn't want to be included as described below it's free.

Again I'll remind anyone not familiar with this book that it's totally free to be included in the book, you can have a chapter in the book (a paragraph or two with your story and photos of your car all Once we publish the book you can review it on the web site (free) and see what you think, get feedback from those that have already purchased the book (free again) and if you decide you want one you can go to Blurb and buy one (not free but not required absolutely no obligation).

However if you don't sign up and you don't get your story and photos in the book before we publish you will not have your own little chapter when you hear how awesome this book is and decide to buy one anyway. How sad will that be.

Thanks, Cory

1. Rob and Val Campbell
2. Bill Froelich
3. Bill Norman
4. Bob Walker
5. Bruce Carey
6. Casey Hill
7. Cory Goulding
8. Michael Marsalone
9. Niel Hoppe
10. Rhonda Schrader
11. Rich DiMarino
12. Tom Elledge
13. Allen & Laurie Page
14. Bret Cooley
15. Bruce Jarrett
16. Kevin Hedstrom
17. Marion Tucker
18. Nathan Butler
19. Paul F. Stevenson
20. Reiny van Uden
21. Renee Foster
22. Rob Taylor
23. Steve Perkins
24. Steve Wick
25. Thomas Fletcher
26. Tim O'Brien

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