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68 HCS red stripes

I am asking this for a friend who is trying to finish up a black with red stripes HCS. His problem is the color of the outline on the HCS badge on the quarter panel air scoop. On the images of original cars we have found the outline of the badge has been the same color as the stripe. In other words a car with black stripes would have a black border around the HCS badge, and the reproduction badges he has are outlined in gold, which maybe? should be used on a car with gold stripes, not sure about this. So the question is "do any of you have an HCS with red stripes or have an image of an ORIGINAL HCS badge used with the red stripe kit. He assumes that the original side scoop stripe and badge was one peice - is this correct? Any help you can provide will be appreciated in this matter. He wants to "do it right" the first time!
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