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1968 CS and HCS Coffee Table Book

First I want to apologize for the length, I have a short version and although it was to the point I just didn't feel it covered all of the details that needed brought out so please read my offer, no need to formally request to be a part at this point, I will formalize how you can be included I just want to offer this and get some buzz back.

Several months ago I stumbled on to a web site that allows you to become a writer over night with very little effort and no investment. You donít even have to buy your book when you get done if you donít like it. I thought it looked like a ton of fun so I took up the challenge of writing my own life history both in word and photo and then published the book. I have since written a total of 6 books 2 of which are photo books and they all turned out awesome.

I would like to volunteer (free of charge) to do a coffee table book around the 1968 CS and HCS cars and family. I would love to include all years but the books are limited to a specific # of pages and we simply wouldnít have enough space to include all years at this point. I love the new CSís and itís my goal to one day have one in the garage next to my original CS itís just not in the cards at this point. I will say this, if this turns into something that people absolutely love and someone wants to take on the challenge of going to the next step and do a book on the new CSís, I would certainly help out anyway I could and Iím here to tell you just about anybody with a PC can do the thing.

The book is going to be along the lines of a brief history of what a 1968 CS and HCS are as well as a little history around this web site and how this great web site brought us all together and turned us into one big CS/HCS family and then it will be a photo album of sorts giving anyone that owns a 1968 CS or HCS and is a member of this web site a chance to take up a couple of pages in the book by giving me a brief description on one page which I will help direct with a questionnaire type process of some sorts yet to be determined. And a page of photos of your CS or in Timís case beautiful CS'ssssss. ;) Just to be clear, this book isnít going to be a detailed book around the inner workings and development of the CS or HCS but rather a coffee table book to show your friends what the special life is all about in relation to the 1968 GT/CS and HCS.

I want to put an emphasis on the fact that there is no obligation to buy a book, none at all, you can submit your information and it will be a part of the book and move on if you can't afford to buy or don't want to buy a book. By utilizing the web site I can write this book, have it published and there is no obligation to buy any books, if you want one you will simply order it and pay the cost of the book which is completely dependent upon the type of book and pages in it. The books Iíve written so far have cost me around $50 to $60 each for hard bound book with shipping, soft bound books are less, either way the books are priceless books in my opinion because they are about me and my life, Iíd have paid 3 times that much for them. There is no profit on my part, the company Blurb will make a profit off each book you buy and I'm in no way associated with Blurb I just found them on a whim and have written my personal life journals using their service and have been amazed at the quality they do so I'm now offering to do a similar thing for everyone here with a 1968 CS or HCS. As this post takes off and we get an idea of how many members want to be included I will start the process of giving you some idea on what it will cost, we must know how many pages to determine cost. In the mean time take a look at if you are interested in how this works, there is a link below.

Utilizing the link below you can preview a few pages of a book that someone has created by clicking on the book to see what it is all about, bare in mind the price on this book is set by the author to make a profit so the price has nothing to do with what our book will be priced at, I have no intention of making any profit, you can check the price layout on the blurb web by clicking the pricing tab and then clicking the standard landscape. I am guessing we will do a Standard Landscape and if you buy a book you can buy either hard or soft the choice would be yours, pages will depend on how well received this little adventure of mine is taken. Iíd be willing to bet there are others out there like me that find this site amazing and take off on your own doing some family history books or personal photo books, Iíve sure had a blast.

I hope this 1968 CS/HCS book turns out to be something everyone finds a lot of joy in, Iím excited to be a part and I hope everyone sees my offer to do this simply for what it is, an offer to bring something back to this wonderful family that Iíve enjoyed so much over the years, a way to share back with those that have sent me templates on where emblems go and suggestions for my problems when Iíve been stumped, all by creating a photo album book for everyone to enjoy.

Hereís the link.

Thanks, Cory

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