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Originally Posted by di81977 View Post
I have been watching their auctions on TV lately and these guys seem even more annoying than Craig Jackson and his crew. Is it just me? What is Mecum's reputation like? Maybe it is because I see them always bullying the seller into removing the reserve and don't see that at the no reserve Barret Jackson auctions.

I do like the fact that many of these cars are more in reach of the everyday collector.
I used to feel the same way when I started watching them last year. But I've grown to enjoy these auctions on TV a lot. They do a lot of wheeling and dealing even with the seller. I've seen him sell a car by cutting his commission or dropping it totally just to get it sold.

There are some owners that hold out for $1000 less than reserve which I don't understand sometimes. Isn't it worth not having to take the car back home? I guess it depends on how far you had to travel.

Also - if the cars don't meet reserve you can place a bid after it's off the block and try to get the car. "The bid goes on..."

Give it a chance it grew on me and I enjoy this and Russo and Steele better than Barret Jackson sometimes. The cars like you said seem to be more within reach and sell at realistic prices where Barrett Jackson seems to be more show sometimes.

I watch them all regardless so what do I know!


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