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British TV Car Programmes

There are a couple shows on DHDTV (Discovery HD TV) that I am hooked on, but probably for the wrong reasons. I watch them with the fascination that some people have for train wrecks, which is appropriate because they are figurative train wrecks!

The shows are called "Auto Trader", and "Wheeler Dealers".

Auto Trader is a 2-part show about a used car dealership. In the 1st part someone is looking for a particular type of vehicle, like maybe a minivan, and Mike tells the buyer which cars fit the bill and their good and bad points. Of course he only shows them what he has on his used car lot. Then they take the cars on test drives and discuss them.

The 2nd part of Auto Trader is where Edd, the chief mechanic and detail supervisor, helps some poor sap who isn't having any luck selling (shifting) his or her used car. A recent shows had someone with a '68 Mustang he can't sell! It's not a GT/CS but is was interesting watching what they do to the car and how they describe it as a "Yank Tank"!

Auto Trader is an interesting show but Wheeler Dealers is the show that I watch with true morbid fascination. In this program Mike buys a beater and has Edd fix it up so they can sell it at a profit. If you want to know what really goes on at a used car dealship watch this show. I guarantee your jaw will drop to the floor when you see how they prep the cars!!!! And they are proud of their work!

If you get the chance please watch Wheeler Dealers and let me know if you find their restoration practices as appalling as I find them.

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