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Hi all and happy Monday (I know, an oxymoron). I don't mean to hijack this thread just thought it'd be better than starting another one.

The original deck lid on our '68 is a bit warped as can be seen from the sides, with one side being a bit worse. The car is at my parent's which is 30 miles from me and I don't have pics to post as of yet and with rain forecast for the next couple of days it may not be until the upcoming weekend. But I wanted to ask if the warpage is repairable or am I stuck w/having to look for a replacement? I'd hate to use a repop lid as I'm really, really into keeping as much of the original parts as possible, I'm weird that way Plus can't really afford to pay for an nice original deck lid if I found one anyways. Mine is in great shape minus the warping. I have no experience with fiberglass repair but am willing to learn if that's what it takes. Hell, I rebuilt the entire suspension and power steering myself (not having done anything like that before) and have put over 150 miles on it with speeds of 80+ mph a few times and nothing has fallen off or 'sploded!

If anyone here has dealt with deck lid warping, any suggestions for fixing it are greatly appreciated as always.


1968 GT/CS 289-2v V8 AT, PS, drum brakes, tinted windows, Diamond Blue, black stripes, standard Black bucket interior. MCA#:70104
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