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Re:Carb Question!

[quote author=cmacias24 link=board=1;threadid=1150;start=0#msg6331 date=1098835014]
I too had the same problem. The bowls overflooded and the car would turn off. Well, after adjusting the floaters a couple of times nothing worked. I changed the gaskets as well and still nothing. I then went to a vintage mustang junkyard and bought a used carb, rebuilt it and same thing. Well, after about $30 of rebuilt kits and $50 on the used carb, I gave up, took it to a carb shop by my house and the problem was fixed. I have been driving the car ever since and it's been 3yrs. Those carbs are really good and I would recommend to have it rebuilt by a pro shop.
If you have problems getting it rebuilt I can help you out. You can mail it to my work and I will drop if off and mail it back to you. I know how fustrating these things can get.


Thanks Cesar I shall start looking for a carb professional in my area and see what I can find.

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