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To address JBART's question about big block cars:

Not all 390 Mustangs in 1968 were necessarily GTs. You could (at the beginning of the model year anyway) purchase an S-code 390 Mustang without having to specify the GT equipment group. I believe that the GT equipment group became mandatory with the S-code 390 later in the run (Ford sales literature updates elude to this). As well, you could get the X-code 390 without specifying the GT group.

All 428 CJ cars in 1968 (with the exception of the 50 "135 series" cars) were GTs. I believe that the standard ratio in this case was 3.50, with 3.91 or 4.30 optional.

As stated, it appears that 3.25 was the standard axle ratio on J-code and S-code GTs. My old '68 J-code GT coupe did have a 3.00 9", listed as an optional axle ratio as I stated previously (I guess for fuel economy reasons or quieter running on the interstate).
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