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I would agree that the secret is in the rear end ratio, and that part of the "GT" package seems to be a 3:25 ratio axle. (which is a nine inch) After looking through every Marti report listed on this site it appears that ALL "J" code cars with the GT package on this site have the 3:25 axle. four speed or automatic. ALL of the "C" code cars with automatic trans have the 2:79 axle. The "C" code cars with standard transmissions, either three or four speed equipped, came with the 3:00 axle. All of the "J" code cars W"ITHOUT the GT option have the 3:00 gear as well, no matter what transmission. Only one Marti report listed here shows a car with a limited slip rear end, and itis a "J" code, non GT, and it has a 3:00 axle, so there was at least one 8 inch limited slip car. These facts apply to small block cars only. No 390 or 428 information was used for this search.
Would all of you who read this and have a SMALL BLOCK car, please check the axle code on your data plate (found on the drivers door latch area) and post what you find, also telling if your car is a GT or not. I would set up a poll to make this easy but have no idea how to do that. There has been so much mystery about the 8 inch vs. the 9 inch in "J" code mustangs over the years, and the information you post here could very well be the key to understanding this oddity. I am sure that Paul N. will chime in here also, as I think he is researching this very subject for his latest book.

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