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2009 Carlisle All-Ford Nationals

NOTE: This is a new thread that is a copy of the original thread on this subject. This new thread has been created due to a problem with the original poll. Basically I screwed up and Jon is being his usual helpful self to straighten out my mistake.
All voting and posts from the other thread will be moved here so no need to re-vote or re-post if you already did. Thanks!

Hi Everyone!

I'm working with Carlisle again so we can have a GT/CS and HCS class at the 2009 Carlisle All Ford Nationals.

I have approached them this year with the option of splitting the early and late model cars into separate classes. This looks like it will be possible.

The classes would most likely be:
1968 GT/CS and HCS
2007+ GT/CS

What I really need to pull this off is some help in finding out the number of attendees we can expect. Last year we ended up with a lot more cars than I knew about and we ran out of room in the spot they gave us. This caused a number of cars to have to park in other areas.

Once I have some idea on the numbers I can report back to the Event Director and workout the details.

If we get 25 cars pre-registered by May 19th, we qualify for a free 20x20 tent for the weekend.

A key to this is having the 25 cars enter
"" as the club on their registration form. I know some people register with their other car club names so they qualify for a tent. That's fully understandable. This may cause us to miss the 25 limit but it's worth a shot. If someone is coming that is going to be in a different non-GT/CS class and has no other club affiliation, they can enter "" as well.

Make sure you indicate GT/CS or HCS as your model if you register online so you are entered in the GT/CS classes if that's where you want to be.

This year the dates are June 5th to June 7th.

I am adding a poll to this thread to get an idea on how many people are planning on attending.
If you are unsure at this time please post that in this thread or PM me with info on the changes that you may attend and I'll follow up with you later.

If you're unsure please don't vote in the poll until you have a better idea of your plans since you can't change your vote.

Info for the show can be found here

Here are pictures from last year...

GT/CS and HCS specific pics

Friday CJ Pony Parts Drive

Gallery of all photos from the 2008 Carlisle weekend

Looking forward to another great turnout of GT/CS and HCS cars at Carlisle this year and getting together with everyone!!! Hopefully this can be an annual CS/HCS get together.

Thanks for your help and Happy New Year!!


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