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Originally Posted by QuarterHorse View Post

Thanks for taking the time to put this together again this year. I think splitting the classes up between early and late model Mustangs is a good idea. I really enjoyed talking with the early model guys last year and look forward to seeing them again. Unfortunately, I am a member of a Mustang club that will be attending the event and will be registering under that club. I don't think Carlisle allows you to register under more than one club.

Thanks again,

Hi Skip,

My pleasure!

We'll see what happens, if the numbers are anything like last year we should be in good shape.

I understand on the club - no problem.

It would be cool if they park us near each other again but I'm not sure that's feasible. I'm thinking they might put us closer to other classes of cars with the same years but we'll see

Either way hopefully we can all hangout for awhile and hopefully it's cooler than last year!


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