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Thanks for posting your picture, in addition to the # being different the RPM settings are also different. Although you are correct that most Judges would not notice, I am one of those "anal concourse guys" and prefer to get everything "right". Thanks again for your help/input.

Upon closer look at the NPD catalog they list decal D-160 as a C8AE-9C485-B decal. I will e-mail them and see if they will post a picture for me. I contacted ECS Automotive and they indicated they do not currently offer the decal, but would consider reproducing it if I could provide a scan. If anyone has a contact at ECS and is willing to push this along I would appreciate it.

Also if any other owners have original examples I am still interested in seeing what you have.

Scott, what is the build date on your car/motor? The motor I have is a 7L motor and has never been disassembled until I opened it up. It has the early valve covers w/ the same decal as you posted. I also have a set of later valve covers with the same decal, but have no history on them. Does your motor have the early valve covers or later style?


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