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For Sale: 1968 floor console

I am currently in the latter stages of finishing restoration of a black 1968 Mustang floor console that I intend to sell. The item is best described as very appropriate for a daily driven or occasional driven car. As most (40+ years old) 1968 consoles go, it is not 100% perfect for a concours restoration. The base was cracked and was repaired very nicely. The top pad has a small nick in it, which is not overly noticible. The base was also "modified" some years ago with a Dremel tool for unknown reasons, in the area where the plastic shift indicator/slide mounts up. It will not be seen once the top plate/pad is mounted up and should not be an issue in performance. Padding has all been redyed nicely. The console door operates well and cleaned up nice with 000 steel wool, as did all the chrome trim (some pitting is present but not overly noticable). The rubber inserts for the seatbelt buckles are real nice. The rear light/lens is new as well as the shift indicator slide/light. I will include a complete, rebuilt console shifter, console radio knobs, radio mounting bracket, ALL necessary wiring (including under dash feed) and hardware needed to mount it in your car.

Please email or PM me if you're interested. Detailed pictures are available upon request.



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