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Gary; (gazrox)

Thanks for posting pic's, I had watched for them after International, then forgot all about it.
Folks, it was nice to meet Gary, and just to let you know he is a really nice guy with nice little daughter that tags along with dad to car shows. Gary had come along and helped me push my car into position as I couldn't get it started in the morning. I had been detailing the engine the night prior and inadvertently disconected the lead wire off the coil. Stupid I know but not the easiest thing to spot, and at that point I was thinking I had flooded it. Then my day only continued to be one mistake after another, but the car looked good despite all my mistakes. It was only later in the day while talking with Gary that I found out his other car was a GT/CS. He has a very nice red 67 coupe as well. There was another car there from Edmonton that did not show up in pic's. I met him as well and he has a very nice car now that will be just excellent when finished.
Good show and good friends, if any of you can make it to Billings it would be great to see you. I have a feeling that 2011 may be Seattle, so keep posted Steve and Amy
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