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New 2007 and 2008 Production Numbers


Just today, I got a revised production number for the 2007 GT/CS, and a new number for the 2008s. These are convertible and coupe models combined. (the breakdown on these numbers will be in my book).

The 2007 GT/CS Production number (you heard it here first) is: 8519.

The total production number for the 2008 GT/CS is:7427

People that bought the 2007 decals with the previous production number can return those decals and receive a new, correct one if you send me an SASE with $1 to cover costs. New decals for 2007 and 2008 can be bought for $10 each from me at: Paul M. Newitt, P.O. Box 2245, Davis, CA 95617.
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