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ADMIN - New "prefix" option - Tag your thread as "1966-1968" or "2007+"

As part of the new forum upgrade & server move I've created a new option to "prefix" or tag/label your threads by year. When you create a new thread you'll now need to chose between "1966-1968", "2007+" or "All Years"

That way everyone will be able to see right away when they look at the list of threads which focus on Classics vs. Late Models. If you select "All Years" then the thread won't have a tag at all.

I'm trying this rather than split the forums up into Classic & Late Models. And the reason I don't want to do that is there will be many threads (like show announcements, general tech, etc.) that aren't year specific and would cause confusion as to which forum they would go in.

I'm hoping this tagging feature will help keep the community together in one forum, but allow everyone to quickly identify discussions related to their specific year.

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